Southern Hemisphere's most 'hoppiest' beer to make its debut
Posted on Apr 7, 2006


The Southern Hemisphere’s most ‘hoppiest’ commercially available beer made its debut this Easter at The Pub With No Beer Brewery on the Mid North Coast. Murray’s Icon 2IPA (the acronym for Imperial Indian Pale Ale) is the latest craft beer in the range being brewed by Murray’s Craft Brewing Co.


Head brewer Graeme Mahy calls Murray’s Icon 2IPA “an extreme beer – and definitely one to be savoured.”


"This is a beer that surely has the highest hop addition of any beer in the Southern Hemisphere, and 7.5 per cent alcohol content," Mahy explains. "It's a hybrid of an Imperial Indian Pale Ale and an American Indian Pale Ale. It's clear beer, deep golden in colour, with a creamy white head and a fantastic aroma and flavour."


Murray's Icon 2IPA was launched at the inaugural Murra's Brews, Blues and BBQ's Festival, held at The Pub With No Beer Brewery over the Easter weekend.


“From the start, our aim has been to release a new craft beer approximately every quarter, and celebrate each one with a major entertainment event at the hotel,” explains Howe. “At Murray’s Brewing Co. we aim to turn a beer into an experience, and this is certainly the case with our 2IPA beer." 


The style of Murray’s Icon 2IPA has a colourful heritage. Historically, the English created Imperial Indian Pale Ale to transport to the troops in India, as the normal bitters they were shipping over didn’t keep well. For a beer to travel the distance and not spoil, a trip that could take three months, they had to use a higher quantity of hops and alcohol. Hence 2IPA was created.


The Americans loved this tasting style and started brewing their own extreme version, replacing English hops with American hops. Craft breweries all over the US have been making large quantities of American Indian Pale Ale and Imperial Indian Pale Ale for many years.


In creating Icon 2IPA, Graeme Mahy, has used New Zealand-grown American hops. “The extensive hopping creates intense citrus, passionfruit, and peppery characters in the aroma and flavour. This is balanced by sweet biscuity malt, and finishes with a full body, that is rich with a rounded bitterness,” he says.


“Icon 2IPA is perfectly matched with spicy foods, such as Thai and Indian, or enjoyed on its own. It’s the perfect drop on a cold winter day.”