An Ode to the Festival, by Barry "Bloody" Fuller
Posted on Aug 29, 2006

Dust off your Akubra

And all your wrangler gear

'Cause we're headin' for Nambucca

And 'The Pub That Had No Beer'

Rollout your swags and blankets

The time is drawing near

'Cause we're gonna have a hoedown

Now the Festival is here!


The cream of Aussie rock talent

The best from near and far

And with so many musicians

It's so hard to pick the star

And when you see the venue

-No showground or city hall-

The old Pub's turned it all around

We're gonna have a ball!


So come on all you music fans

Let's make it quite a show

You'll hear Barnsey and the Guru's

Sing hits you all should know

And those still loyal to Rose Tattoo

Give Angry one big cheer

'Cause he's gonna let it all hang out

at 'The Pub That Had No Beer'


You cn talk about your Opera House

And The Stockman's Hall of Fame

The glory road to Tamworth

Where the big guns get their name

They're gonna shrink into the background

Let's shout it loud and clear

Now the Festival's kick started

A 'The Pub That Has No Beer'